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Birthday Reminder

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Presently the Birthday Reminder software is available as a Freeware. To use the software you must have MS Access 2007 or later installed on your computer. You can download the remindme.zip file by clicking the link provided below. The zip file contains 3 files viz. the main application, ReadMe.txt and icon.

Instructions for using the software are in the ReadMe.txt file.


Birthday Reminder   

With this Software you can View or Print a list of Birthdays for the present or current month. You can also get birthday reminders on a day-to-day basis. You can store and display person name, date of birth, nickname, home and office phone nos., email, mobile no. and department name.

The Birthday Reminder software is user friendly as all tasks are completed by clicking buttons. For more on what the software can do for you, please view the ReadMe.txt file.


Birthday Reminder is a Freeware database. Feel free to distribute it to your friends and relatives. You can even send it as an email attachment.

Download Birthday Reminder [86 kb Zip file] [See Screenshot]

IMPORTANT:This software is completely safe and does not have any macro viruses (if you find one, you are free to report us to Tripod).
If you do not have WinZip installed then you can download evaluation version of WinZip from the download page at http://www.winzip.com/downwzeval.htm

In product "Advertising Space" available:

I am selling Ad space in my software product viz. Birthday Reminder. If you are interested in advertising your product(s) and or services(s) through my software product I would like to propose the below:


I can customize the Birthday Reminder software to include the following:

1. A small image or screen shot of your product or website
2. A small write up or description of your product or website
3. An URL to your product or website, which the users of Birthday Reminder software can click on
You can then give away this branded Birthday Reminder software to your website visitors as a gift or token of remembrance.
Please contact on below email if you would like to take this further.
We Value Your Suggestions:

You can email your suggestions, questions or doubts to the Webmaster at: trilithon_1@yahoo.com

Please mention the software title (Birthday Reminder) in your queries.