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Trilithon's MS Access Databases

Last Updated: 06 March 2015


All the software and information / technology on this site is available FOR FREE. To use the software downloaded from this website, you must have MS Access 2007 or later installed on your computer.

To find if Access is installed on your PC, click the Start button on the bottom left corner of your screen. Choose Find Files or Folders and then type in Msaccess.exe in the file Search box. If this file is found then MS Access is installed. If the file is not found you can install Access from the MS Office Professional CD. MS Access is also available as a stand-alone product from Microsoft.

MS Access is an effective tool for solving many data management problems like:

  • The problem of remembering the birthdays of your boss, colleagues, family and friends.
  • The problem of needing to sort thru business cards, when sending letters to clients and vendors.
The 2 Access databases available from this website will help users to overcome the above problems and there by lead to saving of time and effort for the users.

About Our Products:

Our Access databases have been developed using Microsoft Access 2007. As per Microsoft, all Access 2007 databases are also compatible with the Access 2010 & Access 2013 versions.

The list of products (all Freeware and Virus Free 100%) available from our site is provided below. Each hyperlink will display the details for that product on a new page.


List of our Products:

Birthday Reminder - with this Software you can View and Print a list of Birthdays for the present / current month. You can also get Birthday reminders on a daily basis. With Birthday Reminder you will NEVER FORGET to wish your near and dear ones. Birthday Reminder is ideal for both HOME and OFFICE use. Sales and Marketing personnel can use this software to store Birthdays of important clients and customers.

Letter Aid - allows you to cut paste the receivers' details in to your letters and emails, so you NEED NOT type them every time. With Letter Aid you DO NOT need to SIFT through business cards and you DO NOT need to TYPE the receivers' details each time you send a letter or email. Letter Aid can SAVE considerable TIME and EFFORT for you.


In product "Advertising Space" available:

I have spare Ad space in my software product viz. Birthday Reminder. If you are interested in advertising your product(s) and or services(s) through my software I would like to propose the below:

I can customize the Birthday Reminder software to include the following:

1. A small image or screen shot of the logo of your product or website
2. A small write up or description of your product or website
3. An URL to your product or website, which the users of Birthday Reminder software can click on
You can then give away this branded Birthday Reminder software to your website visitors as a gift or token of remembrance.
Please contact on below email if you would like to take this further.

Other Pages:

Links - This page has 2 sections. The MS Access Links section provides links to web sites offering information, tips and other resources for MS Access Users and Learners. The Non-Access Links section lists web sites that focus on topics other than MS Access. It has 3 sub-sections viz. Software Developers, Web site Directories and Miscellaneous.

Tips - This page has tips on Access Forms, Queries, Reports, Modules and VBA.

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Last Updated: 06 March 2015