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About ClickBank®:

ClickBank® is a US based Merchant Retailer. To safe guard the interest of buyers, ClickBank DOES NOT STORE credit card numbers.

For more information visit the ClickBank® website at: http://clickbank.com/

List of ClickBank® Products:

We have reviewed a number of websites that sell products through ClickBank®. We have listed below those products which would be of interest to our website visitors.

1. Internet Porn Addiction - Is Internet Porn Taking Over Your Life? What is an Internet pornography addiction? What can you do about an Internet porn addiction and what are the treatment outcomes? Follow the link to discover current thought on pornography addiction and treatment.

2. Simple Self Defence Tactics - Now, you can have the confidence and 'explosive moves' to easily protect yourself (and your loved ones) from physical harm or life-threatening situations using an amazingly 'simple' fighting system... no matter what your age or physical condition -- even if you've never been in a real fight before. Sooner or later, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to face reality when some mad crazed thug attacks you unprovoked and completely by surprise. You see, I'm talking about being attacked -- brutally, mercilessly, and viciously by someone who is determined to hurt you.

Making Payments thru ClickBank®:

Making Payment thru ClickBank® is FAST, EASY and SECURE. Clicking on the payment links displays the ClickBank® Secure Order form in a new browser window. Fill and Submit the 2 Step Order form as explained below:

Step 1: Select your country from the drop list. Please select that country in which your Credit Card has been issued. Then type in the postal zip / pin code of the address at which your receive your Credit Card statements.

Step 2: Select a Card type from the drop list and type in your Credit Card number. Please type in your Credit Card number without any blank spaces. You will also need to type in the Card holders’ name as shown on the card and a valid email address. Then submit the form to make your payment.

On completion of your payment you will be given a unique Receipt Number. Note down the Receipt Number and also print it for your records. Please quote this number in all your correspondence to us.

ClickBank® will also send an email receipt for your purchase to the email address specified in the Order form. Your Credit Card statement will show a charge by CLKBANK*COM.

Commercial Problem:

If you have any questions regarding a credit card charge by ClickBank please visit the ClickBank Customer Service page.

If you had any problems during or after purchasing from our website, you can fill and submit the ClickBank’s Customer Service Request form.

Ask for a Refund:

When you purchase from our website your investment is 100% SAFE.

If you are not satisfied and would like a full refund of your amount, then all you need to do is fill the ClickBank’s Customer Service Request form and choose the refund option.
ClickBank will issue the refund provided you make the request within 30 days from the date of purchase.
Our email:

If you require further assistance you can also contact the Webmaster at: trilithon_1@yahoo.com