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As an online advertiser you must be aware of the following limitations of banner advertising:

  1. Most surfers don't give banners ads a second look unless the ad is really catchy or is about a topic that interests them.
  3. As most surfers consider banner ads a nuisance, they don't bother to click on the website link that is placed in the banner.
Thus we can conclude that banner advertising only increases the brand awareness of your company and/or product but fails in its real purpose viz. to get surfers to click through to your website.
We think we can provide you with an alternative to PPC SEs and banner ads. Our website at http://trilithon1.tripod.com/ offers 2 MS ACCESS based software products to surfers.
Each of our product is UNIQUE, USER FRIENDLY and can be downloaded FOR FREE.
Further as each product SATISFIES a SPECIFIC NEED, you can be assured that the product will be downloaded and used by people in their daily lives.
We WILL PLACE your company logo, a brief description of your company / product and a hyperlink to your website IN EACH of our products.
You can View Screen Shot of a Sample Ad placed in one of our products (Letter Addresses).

How you can benefit by advertising in our product/s:

By advertising in our products you INCREASE the brand awareness of your company / product and also GET USERS TO click through' to the company / product website. Other benefits include:
  1. Long term Exposure - Your company logo and description will be seen every time the software is opened and used. You pay only once and get long term & repeated exposure for your ad.
  3. Viral Marketing - As the software can be freely distributed by one person to many others, your ad reach grows exponentially without any effort or cost to you.
  5. Assured Click thru's - As each product will be used repeatedly by a person, he/she is more likely to click on the link to your website.
  7. You can also distribute the software (with ad) by allowing it to be downloaded from your website. This will lead to additional viral marketing for you.
  9. Your sales / marketing executives can email softcopies of the software (with ad) to your patrons, clients & vendors.

Product Description:

Product 1 - Letter Addresses
Letter Addresses can be used for business as well as personal tasks. With this software users can:
  1. Avoid typing / writing data like person name, designation, company name, department, address etc. while drafting a letter.
  2. Avoid searching for above data from cards etc.
  3. Print address on envelopes without typing / writing the address every time.
Product 2 - Birthday Reminder
With this Software you can get birthday reminders on a daily basis.
You can store and display person name, date of birth, nick name, home and office phone numbers, email, mobile number, department name and extension.
Both the products can be downloaded FOR FREE from this website. To get details about a product please click on its hyperlink.

Website Statistics:

As an advertiser you would want to know the details of our website viz. http://trilithon1.tripod.com/ . The relevant stats are as follows:
  1. The index / home page has Google PR 4. You can verify the PR at: http://www.pageranksite.com/
  3. Listed on Yahoo's 1st page for search term "ms access databases".
  5. Listed on Yahoo's 3rd page for search term "access databases".
  7. The website receives an average of 50 unique (different) visitors per week. This translates to about 200 to 225 unique visitors / month. This number will gradually increase as we continue to trade links with other valuable sites.
  9. The following statistics are available for our website. All Stats are provided by Bravenet.com
    Unique Visitors and Page Views for the last 7 days (past week)
    These stats are updated very Monday.
Our Pricing:
  1. One time AD SETUP fee of $5.00/Product. This will place your company / product logo, a brief description of your company / product and a link to your website in our product.
  2. $10.00/month/product containing your ad and available for FREE download for 1 month (30 days) from this website viz. http://trilithon1.tripod.com/
    NOTE: You need to pay AD SETUP fee only once i.e for the first month only. For subsequent months you will be charged only $10.00/Product as the cost of carrying your ad for 1 month (30 days).
  4. One time DISTRIBUTION fee (optional) of $10.00/Product. This allows you to freely distribute Product 1 and/or Product 2 (containing your ad) either from your website or thru email. This is an optional charge i.e. you decide if you want to pay it or not.
Note that you DO NOT have the RESALE rights to the products and hence you ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to sell the products to any third party or person.
Making your Payment:
We accept payments by Credit Card only. We use ClickBank® as our SECURE PAYMENT processor. To safe guard the interest of buyers, ClickBank DOES NOT STORE credit card numbers.
When you decide to purchase you will need to email us (at the email address provided below) your company / product logo (in jpeg, Gif or bmp format), a brief description of your company / product and the link to the website that you want users to click thru to. You will also need to tell us in which product (1 or 2) a particular ad is to be placed. You can place either same or different ads in both the products.
We will email you a SAMPLE COPY of the product/s containing your ad. You can either approve the SAMPLE COPY or suggest changes as per your requirements. Once you approve the SAMPLE you are ready to make your payment thru ClickBank®.
For more details please visit the Making Payments webpage.
Our email:

Contact the Webmaster at: trilithon_1@yahoo.com

Please type Advertiser in the subject line of your emails.